The 5 Differences between DIY and Professional Eyelash

Ladies apply eyelashes to make their eyes look deeper and larger. They are the window to the soul and everyone peeks into them, so why not have beautiful windows? There are various kinds of eyelashes like the false lashes and the eyelash extensions. We will be discussing the DIY and Professional eyelash extensions and the differences between them.

The technique of applying the volume lashes is the same for the DIY and the Pro lash service. They are applied individually onto each of your existing eyelashes. This requires a steady hand and around two hours. Check out the material you pick to apply to your eyes and ensure it is the best. The best ones are made of mink hair.

The secret is in the glue; it is transparent but turns black when it dries. It feels like rubber. The advantage of it turning black is that it blends in with the rest of the lashes and looks natural. There are no fumes and chemicals to irritate the eyes and the sensitive skin around it. The formula does not harm your natural lashes or cause them to shed. The DIY extensions are flexible and do not poke or get messed up if you sleep on your eye. They maintain in the shower too only don’t spray warm water on them. Removing these lashes is easy – just stand under the hot shower and gently tug, they will come off with the softened glue.

Self vs Professional service: DIY eyelash extensions can be applied by self at home while professional eyelash extensions require the services of a beauty salon. This translates into several things such as convenience where the DIY way come out as more convenient than the professional way as you would ideally save on the time you would otherwise spend going to a beauty shop.

Payments: When you apply the DIY eyelash extensions yourself, you pay only for the product and not the services. But when you visit the salon you pay for the product and the service extended by the professional.

The cost of maintenance: As you are maintaining the DIY eyelash extensions yourself you are saving the cost of visiting a professional. Besides being costly, it is also cumbersome to visit the salon each time a lash falls off. The maintenance cost is also somewhat defined when you opt for professional eyelash extensions as opposed to when you do it by yourself.

The care regimen: If you are using DIY extensions, then you must steer clear of cleansers and beauty products as they contain oil and solvents that dissolve the adhesive. They wash out the adhesive with which you stuck the individual lashes into place. Do not apply mascara as it causes the lashes to shed. You will also have to keep away from applicators such as cotton pads that cause lint.

While with the professional services offer products that are safe to use, they also apply a protective coat on your extensions that seal the lashes and keep out the debris. The coat also gives a natural healthy look to your extensions.

Lasting power: The DIY eyelash extensions last longer as they can be serviced easily at home whereas with professional services, the extensions last as long as a year. If you visit the salon every 2 – 3 weeks to fill in the gaps that may appear due to lashes falling off.

Replacement and damage: Lastly, the DIY eyelash extensions shed like your normal lashes. And as you already have the kit at home you can replace them as soon as they fall off. As they shed off naturally they do not cause any wear and tear to the eye and surrounding tissue. Of course this is in sharp contrast to those done at the beauty shop.