Types and Styles of Eyelash Extensions


Over the years, the fashion industry has exponentially grown and for this reason you can have access to different types and styles of eyelash extensions to completely change your look. If you want that glamorous perfect look, the trending perfect hot beauty is an eyelash extension for anyone who wants a dramatic look without mascara. Eyelashes fall in two broad categories, that is, the permanent and semi-permanent eye lashes. Permanent eye lashes involves going through a surgery to transplant real eyelashes in eye lids to enhance an additional eyelash growth but it’s a very expensive exercise. On the other hand, semi-permanent eyelashes involve permanently gluing synthetic eyelashes into your actual eyelashes along your natural lash line. This is a delicate service next to your eyes and that’s why it is recommended to make sure you visit a certified lash technician in a professional salon.

The following are different types of eye lashes you expect in a professional salon.

Silk Eyelashes

Silk eyelashes are most common in use today. Silk eye lashes extensions are lighter and less un-naturally glossy but are also made from synthetic materials. Silk eyelashes are characterized by being lighter and more porous and therefore once attached to your natural lashes they glue better to last long. The design of these eyelashes can be dramatic as synthetic ones are but they will appear less plastic. You can apply Silk eyelashes to enhance length, fullness and volume depending on what the client needs. These eyelashes last longer than synthetic ones and this can clearly indicate why they are used mostly.

Synthetic Eyelashes

Synthetic eyelashes are made from polished and acrylic synthetic polymers that are sturdiest & firmest of all. Synthetic eyelashes look quite unnatural as they are shinier, more firm and thicker than the natural ones. This is a category more popular to young clients who are seeking for a dramatic made up look. Mostly these types of eyelashes are used on a single occasion like during a wedding day. They are known to hold their curl perfectly well due to their thickness and firmness. They can be a perfect suit for clients with their own naturally healthy and dense lashes. And for them being heavy in weight, synthetic eyelashes may not be a great option to many clients though there are clients who just love them the way it is. They give those clients with thick natural eyelashes fantastic appearance.

Mink Eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are the only natural and real eyelashes existing. This is the only category made from synthetic fiber that is direct far from animals. To distinguish between mink eyelash from faux-mink eyelash is difficult unless you soak them in water where the natural fiber will compact in water but the fake one will keep the shape.

Faux-Mink Eyelashes

This is a category of eyelashes made from synthetic fibers different from the mink type. May be their difference with silk type is that they are made to imitate the mink type reducing the volume designs available. Faux-mint eyelashes are light in weight allowing them to be glued more than one extension in each single natural lash. This technical is also known as 2D while you use two extensions in one natural eyelash and Russian 3D lashes when using three eyelashes in a single natural lash. To note here, this formula can allow you enhance your eyelashes into a level not achievable by either synthetic or silk extension formulas.

Styles Used is Application of Natural Eyelash

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian volume eyelash is a technique that entails applying mink or silk eyelash extension using just a unique formula where 2 to 6 light extensions can be applied to each natural lash. This creates an extremely intense volume with fluffy soft look. About 200 eyelashes per eye with 2D-3D-4D-5D-6D volume extension available for this one. For individuals with sparsest and finest lashes who want achieve considerable volume, this are the most recommended since they are the most long lasting eyelash extension.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extension allows you to put on or apply multiple extensions in a single isolated natural lash. Russian volume eyelash technique is an example of this formula. Various methods are used to achieve volume eyelash extension method and to state;

Capping where a thinner, shorter eyelash is placed high or low the original extension.

Multi-lashing method that involves placing thin extensions of same length one by one on the natural eyelash.

Terms Used in Volume Eyelash Technique

2D, two lashes placed on one natural lash

3D, three lashes placed on one natural lash.

4D, four lashes place on one natural lash

5D, five lashes placed on one natural lash

6D, six lashes placed on one natural lash.