What Are Eyelash Extensions And Can I Learn To Apply Them

Like extensions for your head, eyelash extensions provide extra length, thickness, and body to straggly hair. Many people are now attending training to apply them, like an eyelash extensions course, because the demand is so perfect for them. Consisting of human-made fibers, these faux lashes are applied individually to the natural lash, using medical grade glue. This makes for fuller, more luxurious lashes. Be aware that these individual eyelash extensions are not like your standard store bought strip product. They give a natural but improved look, and they can help exaggerate your eyes. Also, they are for 24hour wear, even when showering and swimming. Too much exposure to oil can weaken the adhesive bond, so it’s best to avoid too much rubbing or oil based skincare products. Eyelash extensions can take anywhere from two to three hours – it all depends on how many lashes you have naturally.

Life span

Eyelash extensions have a life span of anywhere between two weeks to two months, depending on the clients own natural hair growth cycle. They usually come in black, but more dramatic tastes can be catered for, with colors ranging from red to green. Lashes can come in different materials, the most costly of which is Mink. Because of ethical views and the sheer expense involved, most people opt for the more basic synthetic lashes. The craze began in Japan a couple of decades ago and had been popular ever since. Originally only for the wealthy or those involved in fashion, the extensions hit the high street in the early 2000s, and thousands of regular people have been taking advantage of them since. It is now standard for celebrities and movie stars to wear them almost constantly.

No harm or discomfort

Your eyelash extensions will fall out as your lashes do, with no harm or discomfort to you. Because of the intricate nature of the procedure, especially as it involves the eyes, it should not be attempted at home. In fact, this kind of application is regulated, with many places only allowing cosmetologists or estheticians to do so. Other areas are not as strict, but any reputable salon or spa will expect their staff to hold some qualification, before allowing them near a client. Prices vary depending on where you live and the kind of establishment you attend, but in all, they are inexpensive when the fantastic results are taken into consideration.

There are small variations on how to apply for eyelash extensions, but for the most part, technicians will work in the same way. A synthetic, mink or even human lash is selected to match with one of the client’s lashes. The natural lashes are then separated with tweezers, and the false one is dipped into the adhesive. Once attached, the process is done over and over again until the full eye is complete. Reflashing or touch ups may be done when necessary.

Eyelash extensions application.

Eyelash extensions can be applied at many locations, such as medical spas, salons, nail salons, and even at makeup stores. They should not be implemented at home, due to the risk of injuring one’s self. Also, the professional results will be much more attractive than a poorly attempted job at home!

So contact a local spa or salon in Salt Lake City today, and enquire about eyelash extensions or participating in an eyelash extensions course, you’ll love them!